ALERT: Gun Owners, Please Do the Right Thing!

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    America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

    October 23, 2000

    ALERT: Gun Owners, Please Do the Right Thing!

    Friday, October 20, 2000

    NEA Wipes The Mat With American Gun Owners

    Dear Second Amendment-friendly Internet entities,

    A couple of months ago I sent you an email reporting that the
    National Education Association had embarked upon a petition
    drive with the intention of delivering to Congress millions
    of signatures calling for more national gun control.

    That email also announced that Walter Mueller, publisher of
    Sacramento's (CA) Community News, had begun a petition drive
    to counter the NEA. He named it the Patriot Petition and plans
    to deliver the gathered signatures to Congress at about the
    same time the NEA delivers theirs. What Walter has done is to
    give America's gun owners the opportunity to stand up for
    themselves and tell Congress, "No, in spite of what the
    liberals say, America does not want to be disarmed."

    Well, this is two-and-a-half months later and the most recent
    news is appalling. According to sources close to the NEA, that
    group has, to date, collected 1.8 MILLION signatures. The number
    of signatures so far turned in by America's 80,000,000 gun
    owners: 5,000. 5 measly thousand, nearly 1/5 of which were
    collected right here in Sacramento by a handful of people at
    one two-day gun show. This showing is paltry, pitiful,
    inconsequential and wimpy!

    Can you just imagine what a field day the liberal media will
    have telling America that the NEA's millions of signatures
    were countered by a weak several thousand?

    Now, before I rail any further, I want to sincerely thank those
    Internet entities that did respond to the earlier call to action.
    I'm sure that much of the response we have gotten is due to your
    answering the call, passing the word along. I'm not even sure
    exactly how many entities did respond, but I know two things:
    First, that the number of respondents was way less than half of
    the over 75 that I personally contacted, and: We gun owners as
    a group, some eighty million strong, are not doing nearly enough
    if we intend to save face in front of the nation (let alone
    saving our freedoms).

    So, along with my thanks to those on line organizations that
    have participated, I must ask you to do more. Those who have
    not yet participated, please get involved. We have about 2 to
    3 months left.


    1. You can post a brief notice on your site directing people to
    an informational page at

    2. You can save the Patriot Petition .pdf file attached hereto
    and offer it for download from your site. With the .pdf file
    people can print the petition for themselves on 8-1/2X14 paper.

    [Petition is not attached, but is located at: -- JPFO]

    3. You can forward this email to all your email contacts. If you
    wish, you can save the .pdf file attached hereto and attach it to
    the emails you forward. [Petition .pdf not included with this
    mailing, it is found at the above URL.]

    4. You can do a write-up in your electronic or hard alerts/

    5. You can circulate the petition among staff, co-workers and
    at membership meetings. Offer extra copies for people to take
    with them.

    6. I'll bet you could think of something I haven't.

    Now, before I blast the individuals who have heard about the
    Patriot Petition but haven't responded, I want to thank the
    5,000 that have signed the petition, those who did the
    circulating and the relatively few who have worked hard on
    this project. But folks, a few people busting their backs
    won't get the job done. On the other hand, if a measly 300,000
    of America's 80,000,000 gun owners each turned in only ten
    signatures we could go to Washington, DC with three million
    signatures. That's why I put this effort into contacting
    Internet sites; the communication potential of the internet
    is awesome. But people have to respond.

    Over the years I have spoken with many friends regarding gun
    control issues. It's not uncommon, when the conversation gets
    around to confiscation, for a guy to get a hard look on his
    face, stick out his chest and strut, saying, "They ain't gett'n
    my guns!!" But a lot of these same guys won't be bothered to
    collect ten signatures so that we can successfully oppose a
    huge public demand for disarmament led by a rabidly anti-gun
    socialist group. Imagine that!

    Well, to be fair, maybe these guys have valid reasons for not
    getting involved. Lemme see, how many have I heard.

    1. "I'm too busy." OK, if you work full time, have kids and an
    elderly parent to take care of as well as the house, the yards,
    the car(s), meals, dishes and housecleaning and your wife is
    disabled, you qualify for this one. The rest of you, Sorry, you
    don't qualify. It'll take you about one hour to request hard
    copies of the petition by email, sign, get nine more signatures
    and mail in the petitions.

    2. "Can't afford it." Sorry, the cost is one envelope and one
    33-cent stamp.

    3. "I believe in the right to keep and bear arms but, as a
    teacher, I'm an NEA member." Well, it's about time you got the
    balls to stand up for yourself and tell the NEA where to stick
    it. In case you haven't noticed, this is your freedoms that the
    NEA is working to take away from you. I hope you people who are
    hiding in your foxholes aren't any of those saying, "They ain't
    gett'n my guns!"

    4. "I don't want my name on a list." Partner, if you own a gun
    chances are that your name is already on several lists. Stop
    hiding and defend yourself.

    5. "I don't need to, I'm an NRA member." Perhaps you'd like the
    NRA to wipe your butt, too.

    6. "'W' will win the election, then everything will be alright."
    Look, sweetheart, "W" is marginally better than Gore but he's
    still a globalist. Besides, just because Bush signed ccw
    legislation in Texas is no guarantee that he'll be able to
    stand off the liberal media, rabid anti-gun politicians and
    the "public outcry" for more gun control if all we have to go
    to Washington with is a sheepish grin.

    7. "I don't like it that the petition has the word 'God' in it."
    Get over it! Frankly, I don't consider myself to be religious
    either. But I have enough sense to see that the religious in
    this country are our strongest ally. Without America's patriotic
    Christians, Jews and others standing beside us, you and I are

    8. "The language isn't strong enough. The language is too strong.
    It shouldn't mention the United Nations. It should say this. It
    should say that." Knock it off!!! Let's get on the same page,
    people. The Patriot Petition, launched by a naturalized first
    generation legal immigrant, who, seemingly, cares more for our
    country than 99% of us seem to, is the only measure that has
    been started to counter what could turn out to be an extremely
    destructive drive by the NEA.

    9. "I'm a socialist globalist and I want Americans to be

    OK, this last one is valid. Almost nobody else has a good reason
    not to support the Patriot Petition. So if I haven't been
    successful in shaming you into action, stick your chest hairs
    back into your shirt, get that mean look off your face and go
    out and sell your guns for popcorn to go along with your Monday
    Night Football or for gas for your fishing boat. Because I'll
    tell you straight out, if you don't have the gumption to defend
    yourself when the going is easy, I'll not look for you by my
    side when bullets start flying.


    1. Forward this email to all of your own email contacts.

    2. Get copies of the Patriot Petition:

    Email Community News at:
    Email at:

    Request a return email with the Patriot Petition .pdf file
    attached, which you can use to print your own petitions
    on 8-1/2X14 paper.
    Send a mailing address and we will return hard copies. For
    any requests that come to I will
    return two copies of the petition. There are spaces for five
    signatures on each petition. If you want additional copies
    you can make them on any copier that will make 8-1/2X14

    3. Sign the petition and get nine others to sign. Citizens do
    not even have to be registered voters to petition the federal
    government for redress of grievances. Among other things, this
    means that your freedom-loving children can sign too, if you
    want them to.

    4. Mail the petitions to the address at the bottom of the

    5. If you want to be a real patriot you can make as many copies
    of the petition as you want and gather signatures in your
    neighborhood, at gun shows, etc.

    6. Call conservative talk shows and educate the hosts and
    listeners about the petition drive and how they can participate.

    Come on, folks, get involved. A few of us can't do the job no
    matter how hard we try. We need a lot of people, each doing a
    little bit. Do it for eighty million gun-owning brothers and
    sisters. Do it for all Americans even if they don't know it's
    good for them. Do it for freedom.for Constitution.for national
    sovereignty. Do it for yourself.

    Thank you.

    Grady Miller

    * * *

    Forwarded FYI by the Liberty Crew

    Copyright 2000 JPFO, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce
    this alert in full, so long as the following JPFO contact
    information is included:

    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
    PO Box 270143
    Hartford, Wisconsin 53027

    Phone: 1-262-673-9745
    Orders only: 1-800-869-1884 (toll-free!)
    Fax: 1-262-673-9746
    JPFO ALERTS is provided as a free service to the Internet
    Community. If you wish to help support this service, consider
    joining JPFO! $20/year (no, you don't have to be Jewish!)
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    How come none of these damn things have dates on 'em? [​IMG] I know the letter has a date, but is it too late to sign this petition or is it on-going?

    Sorry if it was in there and I missed it. I did read it all, but that's not to say I didn't miss it. [​IMG]

    <font color=blue>I don't get stuck, I'm just in the mud when I stop for lunch [​IMG]
    - NJFourWheelers</font color=blue>

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