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    > June 2, 2000
    > ***Clinton To Register Guns By Executive Order***
    > National registration of all firearms as well as national
    > registration (often called licensing) of owners of firearms
    > will begin no later than January 20, 2001. It's not going to
    > happen because of a law Congress will pass, but because
    > of an executive order President Clinton will soon issue - the
    > action of one man. He will most likely issue the executive
    > order just after the upcoming presidential election regardless
    > of who wins.
    > If you think my prediction is far-fetched, think again.
    > President Clinton and his supporters desperately want all
    > firearms and all owners of firearms in the U.S. to be
    > registered with the federal government. They desperately
    > need national registration because, as we all know, what
    > they truly want is national confiscation of firearms. National
    > confiscation of firearms happened in Mao's China, Stalin's
    > and Gorbachev's Soviet Union, Hitler's Germany, Pol Pot's
    > Cambodia, and Castro's Cuba. Is Clinton's America next?
    > President Clinton and his supporters will continue to actively
    > push Congress for so-called "reasonable, common sense"
    > gun-control legislation. However, when President Clinton and his
    > supporters don't get what they want from Congress in the proper
    > constitutional legislative process, he will spit on the
    > Constitution by issuing an executive order to get what they want
    > anyway. He's done it before and he'll do it again.
    > Don't take my word for it. Take the Clinton administration's
    > word for it. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt said, "We've
    > switched the rules of the game. We're not trying to do anything
    > legislatively." [The Washington Times, June 14, 1999] Since
    > President Clinton has grabbed millions of acres of land in the
    > Midwest and West by issuing executive orders, why would he
    > hesitate to issue an executive order to grab millions of guns?
    > Secretary Babbitt warned us in June of 1999. John Podesta,
    > President Clinton's chief of staff, also warned us in November
    > of 1999. "White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, frustrated
    > with the balky Republican Congress, thinks it's time for
    > President Clinton to show who's boss. How? Clinton plans a
    > series of executive orders and changes to federal rules that he
    > can sign in to law without first getting the OK from GOP
    > naysayers. Since it's Podesta's idea, aides have dubbed it
    > 'Project Podesta.' The namesake told our Kenneth T. Walsh:
    > 'There's a pretty wide sweep of things we're looking to do, and
    > we're going to be very aggressive in pursuing it.'" [Paul Bedard,
    > U.S. News Online, November 1, 1999]
    > Paul Begala, as a senior adviser to President Clinton in 1998, gave
    > us a big hint when he said, "Stroke of the pen. Law of the Land.
    > Kinda cool." [The New York Times, July 5, 1998]
    > No, it's NOT cool!!!!
    > Legislation that will stop President Clinton in his tracks and
    > prevent future presidents from acting like kings is now pending in
    > the U.S. House and U.S.Senate.
    > Write your congressional delegation today, or get ready to hand
    > over your firearms tomorrow.
    > Click on for an easy way to write
    > your congressional delegation and for extensive background
    > information about executive orders.
    > Kent Snyder
    > Liberty Study Committee

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