Almost Ready for the Axle Seals

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Overdrive, Jul 17, 2000.

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    Well I am getting up the courage to change out the rear axle seals on my 77 K5. I posted earlier about the details and I plan on replacing the bearings as well. I am fairly clear on the procedure:
    Remove diff' cover
    Remove wheels
    Remove brake drums
    Remove center pin bold
    Remove center pin
    Push in on each axle (on at a time) and remove the c-clips
    Pull out the axles
    Pull out the old oil seals
    Using a puller, remove bearings.

    The only pictures I have seen are of a fully open diff' My truck has the usual GM stock posi(I am assuming it is a Gov-Loc). Is the Gov-Loc setup more difficult to remove the center-pin, bold, and c-clips? Pictures of the Gov-Loc in a 12 bolt looks troubling. Lots of springs, clutches and gears with no sign of c-clips or center pin. I am just trying to estimate my repair time and frustration level.

    Thanks for any assistance

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    Be very careful when removing the center pin bolt. You should tap on the carrier with a small ball pein hammer and rotate the carrier about every 1/4 turn of the bolt and tap on it so the threads are straight to the point were it isnt putting stress on the bolt because i didnt do this on mine old 87 k5 and the bolt snapped inside the carrier. I learned this is the way to do it after that. Just a tip so you dont have to do what i did to get it out.

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    The Gov-Lock doesn't get in the way when removing the pin and c-clips, it is no harder than an open carrier. Good advice above on tapping the carrier and the retaining bolt to try to avoid breaking the bolt, it is very common for it to break. I did the 10 bolt (Gov-lock) on my Suburban, and it came apart no problem.


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