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    Last night just finished running my dog, jumped in the truck, started it and wamma battery light comes on and volt meter goes to three. Got home and popped the hood for a visual. Touched the alt and thought for a moment about frying up an egg sandwich. It was too hot to touch. It was 7 pm. dark and raining. As luck would have it, a little auto electric place down the road was open. The guy had an alt he specially built for a guy who never caame back for it, Ran it on his test bench. At idle speed it put out 60 amps. 140 at top end. Said he needed $100 for it! Canadian dollars. What a deal. I was going to by a green monster but now I don,t have to. 20 minutes later I was back on the road. Gotta love serpentine belt systems.

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    Sounds like you got the deal of the century! [​IMG]

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