Alternator/power accessories questions... 84 full size blazer

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    It's hard to believe but after 13 years I have added a stereo system to my rig! And power windows and door locks! And now the alternator went belly up, had it rebuilt and the problem is the same as before the rebuild; the power windows go up SLOW! Nothing is binding, the window rails and channels are straight, etc. The alternator is 78 amp. The stereo, CD player, etc... I don't know how many amps they draw. My question, if I go to a larger amp alternator (any recommendations on what size) will this improve the speed of the power accessories I have? Thanks!
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    Your alternator has nothing to do with the power accessories you have installed. The reason for the windows going up and down slow are that the mechanisms need to be cleaned and greased well then they will work fast again, or normal as you may. I had the same trouble with my power windows and did what I just said and they work great now. If you did install a high output stereo then you should step up to about a 130 amp alternator so that at low speeds you have more power. They can build an alternator that will have high amps such as the 130 and that will charge at low engine RPM's such as idle. Most alternators don't do much charging below 1500 RPM's.

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