Aluminum Fabricators... Need dash opinions/ideas

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Paxx, Feb 10, 2004.

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    I have an idea for my dash and I would like to know if my idea is plausible or not.

    I am going to go for a brown and tan interior with wood trim on a few things and was thinking to have an aluminum dash made that would bolt into the stock dashpad holes.

    I would then find some light weight wood, cut it into "panels", stain them the different colors and attach them to the new dash.

    I am kind of looking at something similar to the stock design (to maintain stock vent locations and ease of install) but somewhat more squared off looking (to make it easier to put on the panels), with a few extra tweaks around the instrument cluster for custom guages and switches.

    I know attaching the wood will be simple enough but I would like to know how hard it will be to get the dash part fabbed up.

    I guess I should say dash pad rather than just dash since I would like to keep the bottom (metal) half of the existing dash.

    Hope that all makes sense. if not just ask and I'll try and clarify.

    Also if you have any ideas on how to simplify this at all please feel free to throw them in.

    Oh and lastly I am hoping that it would not cost much over something around $300 if that even. But I do realize custom fab work costs money.

    Anyways, thnx guys
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    When I did mine a couple years ago, I cut the shape and gauge holes for the autometers with a jigsaw and holesaws. Use wd-40 and aluminum cuts like butter. I did use a sheet metal brake for bending the bottom bend however. I had access to one for free, so I have no idea how much that would cost ya. I'd reckon around 30 or 40 bucks. Search around for my old pics of the old truck or PM BigJ...he has my old dash and may be able to take pics for reference.

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    I've had a dash cut out of a truck before, and it's a pain in the ass to get in get out or modify. I think if you went with a whole new dash it would be simpler, but maybe you can pull this off.

    Underthe dashpad is mostly solid steel so it isn't like you can vut and hack away with existing holes and open space, that's what I thought was going on and well, I never did fix the thing.

    I'd suggest maybe trying to make half of a dash, square off the area beyopng the driver part that angles towards you.

    Anyway to do a dash pad thing, you'd need a break, and possibly a hammer and dolly type thing to bend it ov er for a lip.

    I dunno, one project i really don't want to get into yet still really want to do is a custom dash, the guage wiring and cost is what keeps me from doing it.

    Anyway, good luck /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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