always befor a long week end. Wont stay running

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    Well the truck still won't stay running. Runs real smooth for a few minutes then dies. Just replaced the HEI module, coil and fuel filter. It also just had a tune up. With the long weekend coming this is really pissing me off. . The engine is a 350 TBI. I'm thinking maybe my fuel pump is going. It's a Mallory 4060f1 about a year old. Mounted on the frame.

    I'm not really shore how to check the fuel pressure and probably don't have the right tools. Maybe I will get a clear fuel filter and stick it between the pump and stock filter,to see if pumping back there.

    I will be looking into a rebuild for the Mallory.

    Is there a pump that I could pick up cheep on my way home from work at a parts store that I could use for a tester, spare? Maybe I could get one by Friday if I ordered one today but probably wont have time to deal with it. Wicked busy at work.

    If I have time will search old fuel pump posts.

    I could be way off with the fuel pump and maybe something else is going on. But the Mallory just does not seem to have that nice consistent hum any more.

    Any help appreciated

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