am i getting enough gas???

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    [​IMG] i just had the new 230 hp gm crate motor tranny and xfer case installed, and since then if i get on the gas all the way it feels like it is sucking alot of air and not enough fuel. if i let off the throttle a little it seems to catch up and run better. is the stock tbi sending enough fuel to the engine???? or do i have another prob?? what should i check for???

    It needs a bigger motor.
    what's in it now?
    doen't matter it NEEDS A BIGGER MOTOR
    89 350tbi/700r4h/np208/4.11's
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    What kind of a engine did you get? Was it a TBI engine or was it a generic GM crate engine?
    TBI engines use a diferent cam than a carb engine. The carb engine cams usually have more lift and may not run right with a TBI
    If your motor is not a TBI engine you can get a Aftermarket stage 2 chip for the computer. Or try an adjustable MAP sensor from
    One more thing. Did you change the fuel filter when the new engine was installed? That may be all the problem is.

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