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    As it seems to be the season for tranny problems, I'm trying to familiarize myself, as I've been having some problems of my own.

    Two anatomy questions:
    1. I've heard people reference the vaccuum lines and that sometimes they get pinched, clogged, etc. Where are these magical lines located? I've only been able to see two lines while crawling under my rig: the two lines that run up to and away from the cooler. So where would I look to find the vaccuum lines.

    2. Also, the TV cable, do you adjust this at the carb, and if so, which side of the carb (driver's?). Or is this line located at the tranny?

    Am I blind, or do I have a "special" transmission made for top-secret, super special recon missions???


    Also, just for the back burner of my mind, when the tranny does blow, which is the better/more economical route to go: replacing with a rebuilt unit, or having a shop rebuild the existing unit?
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    Your K5, with the 700, will not have a vacuum line. If you have a 400 or 350 in there, the vacuum line will run to the modulator on the passenger side or passenger side rear respectively.

    TV cable, if you have one, is attached to the carb on the drivers side, and comes up from the tranny of course. If you have a TV cable, you have a 700. 350's use something similar, but its a detent cable, and handles downshifts only.

    Depends on what goes wrong with it...if the internals get chewed up, and you can get a newer (I'd use 88-up since they are easy to identify) core tranny for cheap, I'd go with the core. Think you'll have a hard time finding a 4wd 700 core for cheap though....could always buy a 2wd core and have the shop switch over the different parts when the time comes too...much easier to find the newer 700's out of S-10's and Astro's in 2wd for cheap.

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  3. Buy you an old F-body with a tpi motor in it and you'll have a tranny and a tpi setup,plus the harness computer and all.You can buy one ragged out for about a $1000 around Ohio.

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