"ANCOC" or "20 down the first day"

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by baldamish, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Well, I just finished the worst military school of my entire career!! I've been to PLDC, BNCOC,and Battle staff and I just finished ANCOC. A school designed for senoir medical tract NCO's, and I was treated like a week old private:mad: ! Beyond the mandatory study halls (that made every day from 04:45 to 21:30), the 4 day field excercise was an absolute disaster!
    I am a combat medic with 12 years service and two deployments under my belt (with 82nd patch on my right shoulder:bow: ), and I had patient admins, pharmacy techs, or lab techs that have never seen a deployment much less the sandbox telling me how my tactics in the field are not meeting thier "standards"! But it's alright, when I went to the SGM, the (pardon my french) bull dike :surepal: told me that this was her course and if I wanted my 1059, I would play thier silly games and shut my mouth! Oh, by the way, when you students are in the field you are not to treat any of your fellow soldiers if they may become heat casualties (san antonio heat) or injured. They have provided us with the medical support we require. The medical support provided for us was 2 e-4's in a box with about 4 iv's for over 200 students!
    Within the first day we had 20 soldiers go down (the heat combined with 2 weeks of 4 hours or less sleep per night), but guess where the medical support was....they got lost on the way to the "fob"!!!
    Long story short 28 heat casualties, 2 heat strokes, 3 medevacs, and countless iv's started by fellow students, countless IG complaints, 1 1059, 1 layover, 13 hours sleep, 2 cups of coffee and 1 finally content "ANCOC graduate" setting in front of his computer venting!

    that is all.
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    That is about the worse part of the Army, they have absolutely no common sense when it pertains to so-called leadership schools.

    When I went through PLDC back in '93, we had four combat arms peeps in my squad. Two grunts, a gun bunny and myself (cav scout). The rest of the squad was made up of cooks, commo guys and some operating room guru from Tripler Army Hospital that was kind of ate up.

    The train up for the field exercise was such a cluster **** it was unimaginable. We had some commo guru E-6 trying to tell the two grunts and myself how to employ infantry tactics. Another cadre from another squad who was a grunt could see the frustration and pulled the one grunt off to the side and basically explain to him that "yes, this stuff is a joke, but unfortunately that's the way it is so suck up and drive on."

    I most have spent 20 minutes filling out the course critique at the end. Must have made the school CSM real happy to see it, especially since he had been my squadron CSM before he had taken over PLDC.

    When I first got there, the two cadre (a medic and commo guy) for my squad were pretty cool. Then the medic went back to his squad and the previously mentioned yahoo came back. He was ate up pretty bad. The worse cadre though was this one E-6. Apparently she and the commo E-6 cadre in my squad had a running feud and we unfortunately drew her for room inspection during the CSM inspection. That was about the worse bend over treatment I ever got while I was in. While 99% of the rest of the students left on pass right after inspection, about 75% of my squad was stuck there for the rest of the day because of all the "gigs" she found.

    The Army promotion system as a whole is a big ****ing joke. One E-4 in my platoon refused to go to the board and get promoted because he didn't believe in the promotion system. Of course he was the type of guy that needed to be leading troops. The E-5 board was a joke. I ended up acing it, three points from perfect because the questions they asked were basic training, E-1 questions. Nothing about leadership. Of course all but one of the board members were familiar with me or in my chain of command, so it was no big deal.

    Maybe one of these days, the Army will realize the utter stupidity of the promotion system and revamp it.........................:haha: :haha: :haha:

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