Another Bad Week

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    Welp this week is goin to hell alrady...well as some of u might remember i was asking about having my heater core replaced, well i took it down to the dealer because i dident have the time to do it myself...well i get it back a day later and take off down the freeway on my way back to work...well the dumb ass people at the dealer forgot to put my radiator cap back on so i lost a [censored] load of water.....well by the time i noticed the temp it had already maxed out the i shut it down...called the dealer on my cell and they came and filled me back up with water and replaced the anyway all was well (well i thought it was) untill yesterday....lunch time at work i was gettin ready to take off to the neerby fast food joint and i try to start it and guess what happens.....nothin...the bastard was hydro locked (i thought it was a dead battery at first). Well i messed with the ignition and it finaly started and it was smokin like crazy...most of the time i get a little smoke after start up like normal but this just kept goin untill i got back to i talked to some of my mechanic friends at work and they thought it might be a blown head gasket and/or cracked block/ now i am out of a truck while the damn dealer takes their damn time gettin to it to fix there mistake....they said they wont even be able to touch it till 2 weeks from yesterday...i cant wait to see what bad happens is the start of another bad week in hell

    ok i am done bitchin again


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