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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Chaz88K5, Feb 22, 2001.

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    I e-mailed you a few days ago but i figured i would post on here too so everyone can get the answers they are lookin for.
    What i have is a SM465/205 out of a 79...i would like to make it into a doubler..exactly what parts do i need to make it work?
    I have a TH350/205 also that i can use for parts if what parts can i ditch and what do i need to find...i found a 203 that bolts up to a 350 at a wrecking yard localy...would that work if i had it machined out???
    Also. any more word on the x-over steering for the dana 60?


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    OK, you need 3 things to hook a 203 up to a 465, one is the 203 gear box, number two is a 10 spline input gear for it, number 3 is the adapter housing to go from the 465 to the 203.
    So in your case, you could use the 203 you have, buy a new 465/203 input gear, and scrounge/buy the adapter. I'd recommend a new input gear, most of the used ones we see have some wear on them. A new input gear is $150, and is a direct replacement for the th350 version gear. They didn't use different bearings like with the 205. When we have adapters we can sell you one, we don't have one now.
    For details on the adaptation of the 205, I'm going to send you into past posts, there are a couple that contain all the info on the conversion. Look for stuff with "doubler" in the subject and you'll find it.
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