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    Feb 17, 2000
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    Hey guys me again with the same question, I've been shopping around for the best price to install my dual mufflers but I want to run 2.5" pipe all the way out from the headers to the rear of the tires I was gonna go with turn downs but I dont want all that poison in my cabin obviously, the best price I have yet is $230 keep in mind that I already bought the two mufflers, I went with the flowmaster 40 series I want that aggresive sound on my baby, I paid $60 each added to the $230 that's a grand total of $350 for the whole thing, that is Aluminized pipe all the way out and I still need the tips wich the ones I want go for $45 a piece that's way over $400 for the exhaust system doesn't that sound a little too much! well what do you guys think any ideas on maybe a do it your self kinda thing or do I have to spend that kind of money, I also called Summit racing and they carry a bolt on kit from Hooker I believe dont know if it's Aluminized though the kits go for $78 each side, any of you guys have Aluminized pipes on your rigs are they worth paying that kind of money well thanks for reading my book of Q's later guys.

    keep blazin !!!
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    I'm running dual 2.5" all the way back, exiting sideways behind the rear tires. These were my costs:

    Flowtech Afterburners
    ceramic coated Headers:
    A/C bracket:
    2 Flowmaster 40 series
    Non-aluminized pipes, bending and Installation
    TOTAL: $557

    The non-aluminized pipes haven't rusted because I sprayed heat-resistant paint on them. Still look nice. Also the $100 tag will vary from place to place. In my case, I'm in a 3rd world country with cheap hand labor.

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    What the heck!...Drive it like gas is $0.50/gal!!!
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