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    okay well i picked up 2 40 series delta flows today and currently i am running manifolds to a single cat to a single flow out to 2 tips, i have smog due in a week and after i pass i'm gonna dump the cat and run duals from the manifolds back to turndowns....the main question is what performance/sound difference would i tell from my stock manifolds to a set of flowtech headers? my budget is short though....
    any idea's?

    boy do 3:08's and 35's really SUCK
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    Roy WA
    You asked for ideas : )

    I'd say get a new "high flow" cat converter, and leave it. You have to pass smog again I assume, do you plan on swapping everything back over again then? Not really cost effective, nor is keeping a complete exhaust system lying in the yard. (for most of us..I wish though lol) I tried removing a stock system to keep for later use, I got so fed up trying to remove it I took a sawzall to it.

    With 3.08's and 35's, the exhaust isn't your limiting factor :)

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    Why insist on counting when the ring gear has the tooth counts stamped in?

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