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    Saturday night I get a call from my brother and he tells me he rolled his K5. I asked him who was with him and he tells me nobody, like a big brother I chew his ass out for being alone when wheelin. Come to find out his cell phone was dead and he walked aout 6 miles to a pay phone in the middle of the nite with only a t-shirt in 30degree temps. Serves him right. Anyhow, I go pick him up and find out that he loaned out our tow ropes to someone else we cant get ahold of. So all we have is 2 2ton come alongs and a 6' chain and my K5 to roll he's beast over.
    We get out there and he rolled his truck on what we call the staircase, its 2 6foot drops down then 2 6foot verticle climbs up that lead to more fun, he rolled his truck on the top climb. He's truck was laying on its side with all 4 wheels touching the wall. Man it sucked. I pulled his rear end away from the wall but it was to tight to get beside him to pull over his rig and to tight for me to clim over the wall, so I had to drive around the other side of the staircase and come in from that way to get to the top of the wall. We tried pulling his rig over from that side but no good, the best we could do from this side was pull it over far enough for it to just kinda teeter there. Finally we got it up on the wall far enough to where it would stay up by itself and the plan was that I would drive back around and pull his K5 by the frame closest to the ground hopefully with enough grunt that it would put it down on all 4's. We attempt this, but it doesnt go exactly as planned. The K5 ends up rolling back over while I'm pulling it, but I dont stop I end up pulling that sucker about 15feet on its side, far enough so that I can wedge my Blazer beside it. Strapped the chain to his front axle and pull it around so that we can get my rear bumper parallel to his frame. I move my K5 into position and with one slight tug his beast is back on its wheels.
    Good thing I'm usually prepared because alot of his tranny fluid had dumped out and I just happened to have about 3 quarts and some Lucas, also his oil pressure wasn't reading so had to dump about a quart and a half in there. After all in all it took us about 4 hours to get his truck on its wheels and another half hour to get it running. He ended up with a crushed passenger side, broke out his side window on his top, spider cracked his windsheild, and his power stearing isn't working to well(probably just needs some fluid). I didnt have a camera on me or I would of got some pics,but I will get some of the aftermath. Oh yeah I broke one of those add-a-leafs from 4wpw in half on my K5, heck I only had those babys on for about 3months.
    I must say it was fun pulling his K5 over, only regret I didnt see it happen. Just goes to show ya dont go wheel'n alone. You never know what might happen.

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