Another Sad case of mistaken Identity

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    Geez, what do we have to do these days to get respect? I was thumbing through the January 2002 issue of Offroad Magazine to check out a friends Chevy (Black Cherry). Anyway, I read the rest of the magazine and saw the horrible sight. It is under Readers Wheels on page 86. Bronco with Attitude. It is a '73 Blazer! It even said it another time in the writeup. I sure hope this boy doesnt think he owns a Bronco, or those dorks at Off-road dont know their vehicles! Just thought I would alert the gang!

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  2. I saw that one too !! Damn idiots was all I could think !!

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    <font color=purple>I Like my Burb'n on the ROCKS !!
    <font color=black>Imported to Kentucky through military channels !!

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