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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by liljoe, Dec 16, 2000.

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    My '95 K1500 truck currently has 2" add-a-leafs, 4" blocks, and Hellwig Overload springs. I was originally going to replace the springs with new 6" lift springs until I read an article about a truck that had an Off Road Design shackle flip. My question is; will my Hellwig Overload springs work with your shackle flip kit? After reading about the flip kit on your web site and reading the other "questions and answers" postings I think I know the answer but I had to ask. I am looking to eliminate the blocks but I also don't want the rear to sag when I tow my boat trailer. The "pros" about the flip kit seem to fit my needs(even cost difference) but are there any "cons" about the kit especially concerning the carrying and towing capacity? THANK YOU in advanced for any advice.
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    You'll be fine with the overloads, as long as they're the kind that bolt to the spring pack, not the kind that hit the pads on the frame like most of the heavy rated 3/4 and 1-ton trucks these days.
    You won't see any significant difference with the flip kit in there compared to the blocks. we've set the shackle angle to give you similar load carrying characteristics, and the overloads will add to the spring rate just like they do now. You probably won't be able to install the overloads on the deeper arch springs, because of the deeper arch.


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