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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by fright89, Jan 23, 2002.

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    I was working on the blazer and decided to run down to ADAP, or whatever they call it these days, and get some tune up stuff. The blazer left me stranded on the beach a few nights before in a wicked snow storm about 10 feet from the rising waters. The tide was high and the storm was winding down so i wasn’t to worried about the waves taking me. I was only about 20 feet off the end of a main road and being a member i decided to call AAA. They did come but told me they could not winch me out i was not on the street. Anyway a little cash took care of that. One truck to winch me out and a flat bed to get the truck home. Thanks AAA. So anyway down to ADAP for my tune up stuff which included a new distributor cap. “Do you want the real good one with brass inserts?” “shure”. So I’m putting it on and see its a little different than the old 84. Did not have the little clips that spin around to secure it just had screws that go right into the distributor. OK that’s fine no big deal. Went to screw it down and I hear a loud snap. Well the screw broke off in the distributor WTF. Glad i got “the real good one”. Now there is a pair of vicegrips holding down that side the cap. Seems to work fine for now but i guess i know what my next project is. By the way the tune up stuff did not fix my problem, had a crack in the wire harness it was sorting out on the frame. So be careful dont tighten the “real good caps” to hard.

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