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    if you don't mind...

    15 inch wheels: who makes the white wagon spoke ones, how much backspacing, and what's the part #,???

    u-joint: anybody got a part number for the goofball u-joint i'll need to hang my driveshaft, i don't want to have to slap the guy at napa around until he actually takes my word for it that one exists..... oh, it's a 208 driveshaft,if that matters...

    anybody want to come to my garage,pull that rearend,grind off the perch welds AGAIN for me, since i ignored the guys that said to test fit it before sewing it shut, the yoke doesen't point up at all.... man i just made some extra work for myself....

    welding up 14-bolt spiders: how are those of you that just welded the spiders doing?? are they holding up? anybody got pictures, or wanna run me thru that procedure, as i'm unfamiliar with the 14-bolt carrier and might as well do it while the axle is out again....

    thanks guys,

    greg in texas
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    U.S. Wheel makes 8 lug 15x10 white spoke that fit the 13" drum on the 14 bolt. PN 70-5080

    U-joints are a little harder. Early 80's might be Spicer 1310(truck end) to Spicer 1350 (pinion yolk). 83 and up may be Saginaw S44 to Spicer 1350

    Don't know about welding spider gears. Just bought a Detroit Locker for $309. Can't go wrong with that.


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    Ask tRustyK5 about welding the spiders. He did it in his Blazer. [​IMG]

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    The u joint number is either 447 (think it is the one for you) or 348. Both are Napa part numbers.

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