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    From: Donald C. Amador, 112531,1311
    DATE: 3/8/01 4:45 AM

    RE: Copy of: SF/AP Article on new Green Anti-OHV Report

    *Quotes from Spitler and Amador - I was gone all day to Sac. on Sierra
    Frameworks meetings and got home late to this issue. I returned a call from
    AP and got them about 7 after I read Spitler's "report" and they were kind
    enough to include a comment from me in the story. Don Amador- BRC

    Report finds off-road vehicles are badly damaging public lands
    COLLEEN VALLES, Associated Press Writer
    Filed -Wednesday, March 7, 2001

    (03-07) 20:57 PST SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Uncontrolled use of off-road vehicles
    washes away topsoil, pollutes waterways and disrupts animal habitats,
    according to a study released Thursday.

    The report, by the Davis-based California Wilderness Coalition, recommends
    that state authorities monitor the effects of off-road vehicle use and more
    aggressively police both areas where it is allowed and where it is forbidden.

    In their eagerness to find new terrain, off-road vehicle users are trespassing
    on private property and degrading landscapes in areas they are not supposed to
    go, the report said.

    It recommended increased enforcement and higher prices for citations.

    "If you throw a bubblegum wrapper out the window of your car, it can cost up
    to $1,000, but if you take your off-road vehicle into the wilderness, it can
    cost only $50," said Paul Spitler, executive director of the CWC.

    Estimates suggest only about 15 percent of off-road vehicles registered are
    actually used. That means there could be anywhere from 500,000 to 2 million
    off-road vehicles that traverse California wildlands each year. No one keeps
    statistics that track how many off-road vehicles venture into restricted
    areas, Spitler said.

    A representative of an off-road enthusiasts group said he thought the CWC
    report ignored conservation work that off-road groups have done.

    "I'm not going to say that there certainly aren't problems, but the report
    fails to acknowledge all the good projects that have been accomplished over
    the years," said Don Amador of the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

    He said his group has restored meadows, rehabilitated hillsides and rerouted
    trails to use land more responsibly.

    Almost half of California's 100 million acres are public.

    "We need more money for law enforcement," Spitler said. "You have rangers
    trying to cover hundreds of thousands if not millions of acres of land. It's

    State and federal agencies have regulations for the use of off-road vehicles
    on public lands, but they often are not enforced, frequently because of a lack
    of personnel, the report said.

    "Their regulations are adequate," Spitler said. "They just need to do a better
    job complying with them."

    The federal Bureau of Land Management, which has 14.5 million acres with 15
    field offices throughout the state, does what it can, said spokesman Tony

    "On big weekends, we'll have dozens of rangers," he said. "We recognize that
    we don't always catch everybody. Most people try to obey the laws, but there's
    always those who don't."

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    I didn't think the article was that bad. Although it presented the anti-OHV view first, at least it provided a counter argument. I thought it was one of the more objective articles I have read.

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    It's us versus the Democrats, no mercy!

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