any coin collectors in here

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chrisb420, Jan 9, 2006.

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    beater k20's thread about canadian pennies got me wondering if there is anyone else around here that collects coins. i know it sounds like a dorky hobby but i got started as a kid when my grandmother used to give me old coins. i always thought it was interesting that i was holding money that could have been held by someone famous 100 years ago and now my collection is rather large with united states coins as old as 1810, i have coins from the 20's and 30's that look like they were made yesterday , and also coins from over 70 countries. well just wondering if anyone else shares my dorky hobby.
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    I do,but...

    I look for "old coins" with my metal detector..haven't found anything of real value..found a 1978 nickel behind our house..I probably dropped it while mowing the lawn on the riding mower!..

    I have found dozens of old "square cut" nails,but yet there are NO buildings,or remnants of foundations on our property!..I did find a 56 Chevy "rocket" hood ornament,and a round lobed cam from a 283 in a pile of dirt bulldozed from the cellar hole when the house was built though.:rolleyes: --still looking for that bag of gold coins,or better yet,the chest of ingots stolen nearby in the 1850's from an army payroll stagecoach,and supposedly were never recovered or found..

    I have a few "coin collection" books,mostly for pennies..darned if I know where they are mother probably stashed them away somewhere..we had the 1943 "steel" WW2 pennies,and many other rare ones we found in my uncles house in a cigar box after he passed on..

    I haven't tried using the metal detecor very much away from guy I know is really into them,and had found many aincient coins at a state park nearby..the former site of a carnival 100+ years ago..

    I like using the detector more than collecting coins in a way..I'm looking for gold ones!..should go to the beaches nearby..but never do..its hard to find anything very old here,even metal corrodes and dissapears quickly here..I did find a brass 1928 dog licence from Revere Ma (40 miles away!) in very good shape in my friends yard in middleboro MA..I let him keep it..

    Most of the coins I "collect" end up in my dresser drawer,and eventually are converted into food,gas,or liquor..out of 100 bucks worth of pennies I cashed in a few months ago,I found less than SIX wheatback pennies..guess they are getting pretty scarce now!..:crazy:
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    Well, i don't collect coins but my dad does. As a hooby he is an ancient coin collector and he recently got into stamps and also paper money. He has coins as old as 300bc. Now that's some old coins. Those things look like rocks that are carved, who knows, maybe they are.

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