Any one who has documented a modification on the internet plz read

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    I think when people like you and me document a modification and put it on the internet it is one of the most helpfull things available. From complex things like a ring and pinion change or an axle swap to somthing fairly simple like installing a speedi-sleeve. This has been one of the most important things I use to figure what is involved in a modification and if its somthing I can do in my driveway (like what CANT a person do in their driveway!). I think there needs to be a site we can go to and have links to all the cool little things we have done to our vehicles. I have been looking for the site where the guy installs auto meter gauges in his truck because I am planning on doing this, but I cant find it..I know its there because I have read the write if there was a site we could go to with links to stuff like this It would be priceless. I would like to get a collection of fullsize blazer and trucks mods made and put them on my website for all to use. Then post it on all of the search engines for other chevy enthisiasts to share. Give me some input on your thoughts and If you have a site you want to let me know about please do!

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