Any parts guys have access to 2004 specs?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dyeager535, Sep 4, 2003.

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    Already have someone looking for me, but if someone can get at the info I need easier, it would be much appreciated. (I'm just impatient, I do trust him)

    Anyways, the 2004 Astros are *6 lug*. I'm trying to find out the specs on the front and rear brake rotors. (diameter/thickness) The online parts places I checked didn't even list 2004 parts. Besides, in my past experience, the actual rotor specs weren't listed. A manufacturer name/part number of the rotor might work too, as I've been lucky enough to have aftermarket manufacturers write back with the specs I need on occasion.

    Can't imagine GM would use different front/rears on these trucks, but I can hope. Fronts LOOK to be about the same as the 12"x1.25" truck fronts, but not positive.

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