Anybody have a Samsung SCH-a930 cell phone?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Beast388, Sep 27, 2006.

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    The wife and I FINALLY got cell phones yesterday. I had been somewhat resistant to getting one. But now that the kids are in school, it is important that the school can contact us if need be.

    Anyways, my wife went and signed us up with Verizon while I was at work. She picked out a phone for me that she thought I'd like. As you can tell from the title, she got me a Samsung SCH-a930, which is a "music" phone. Has anyone out there tried this phone and tried to listen to music on it?

    So far I really like this phone. It even works out in the sticks where I work.

    Anybody have any experience?

  2. Desert Rat

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    Looked at that one recently when I decided to swap out the entire clan's phones. I got the XV6700 and the missus got the brand new Nokia. Verizon has it, but you have to ask for it because they haven't put it out yet. Hers is very nice. If you were going to do serious music through the phone, the Chocolate was pretty cool...........

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