Anybody have job connections in Knoxville, TN?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by josh86k10, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Feb 13, 2005
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    Knoxville, TN
    Well, I graduated with my bachelor's from UTM December 17 and now I've got until August before Veterinary school starts. My girlfriend and I went ahead and bought a house here in Knoxville because she's going ahead and getting started on her master's (she can start in the spring, I can't). I figured, "hell, with a college degree landing a $10/hr job to last me until school starts should be no problem." WRONG. Apparently with all these college punks (I can say this because I am/was one) running around from UTK, Knoxville employers realize they can pay crap wages and get away with it. Well, so here I am, a college grad (3.98 GPA even) and a military veteran who can't even land a job shoveling manure. I'm either over-qualified or under-experienced. So I call on you CK5 brothers, hook me up, help me find a job. My degree is in agriculture (pre-vet medicine), I can wrestle 500lb sows, I know my way around a toolbox, I have military leadership experience (SGT), and I'll do anything- from answering phones to shoveling turds.

    If I sound desparate, it's because I am. I'm running out of tires, winches, etc to sell. Thanks in advance, even if for nothing but a place to rant a bit.
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    How about Dollywood??

    You might think I'm nuts to suggest this,but maybe "Dollywood" amusement park might be in need of mechanics,maintinence personel,etc..they have tons of displays on nascar,automotive related,and all the other stuff like rides and equipment that all needs to be taken care of..Dolly herself hires many local people,and its one of the larger employers in your area..(I think Sevierville is close to Knoxville??)..

    I know if I moved there,I would not mind having Dolly Parton for a boss..:D ...or getting to hear her friend Rhonda Vincent sing live there!..its probably where I'd go looking first,over a "jiffy lube" type job..:crazy:
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    Seymour, TN
    Depending where in Knoxville he is DollyWood is about a hour(atleast) drive, one way. Also, you are not the only person thinking that is the place to find a job. I think everyone east of knoxville works in either Gatlinburg or DollyWood.

    My Wife and I moved to Knoxville back in August. She got a Strong job offer from a company here so we thought it would be no trouble for me to find a good job. Wrong! The Tech job market here is crap!

    Good Luck.

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