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    This was posted earlier and I got no responce, please take a look and tel me what you think..

    Well I've tried just about everything, and the Vibration is still there. I think
    though I narrowed it down to the engine/trans mounts. The engine may have
    developed a "miss" though it sounds fine, and only at certian RPM's in drive will
    I get this vibe. This mainly occures when in 3rd or 4th gear at low speeds
    (engine is being bogged down) Does this make sence for me to suspect
    engine/trans mounts? Another few Q's, is the front driveshaft spinning even
    when I'm in 2wd? Will a bad front axle joint cause a vibration when not locked
    in 4wd? Thanks for all the help, Anything you can offer would get me closer to
    smoothe ridin pleasure...
  2. Did you replace the rear u-joints, don't think the front shaft will vibrate while in 2wd and the hubs open.

    Why don't you just get in ther and replace the front one's as well, less than $10

    Why would the engine/trans mounts cause a vibration? I would think that it would be a constant problem if that was the case not just at certian rpm's. Sorry I could not be more help. Good luck

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    I saw a post about the front driveshaft spinning in 2wd. They said it was parisitic drag. Some of the guys had some one else watch as they got rolling to see if the driveshaft was spinning. One guy just put a zip tie on the u-joint next to the t-case. This stopped the driveshaft from spinning and when he put it in 4wd it just broke the zip tie off.

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    vibrations: things to think about after you 4x4 and shake it loose!!
    Tire balance?
    Bent rims?
    Bent or out of balance driveshaft.
    Loose pinon nut? or the output nut on the tranny, if you have one?
    like you said it maybe the mounts, tranny or motor.
    Even a broken motor mount, will send a vibration through the vehicle.

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