Anyone ever delt wityh, and had problems with National Drivetrain?

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    Ok guys,
    Has anyone ever had problems with National Drivetrain sending the wrong parts?, Parts not fitting?, Giving bad tech. advice?, and or taking an extremely wrong time to refund your money?, If so, please post your bad, or good exsperiances with them hear. i am trying to figure out if they screw everyone, or just me. I ordered two sets of gears from them with install kits and and eaton posi. Their prices were great, however, first, they sent out the wrong posi and install kit, so they said they would send me a the right set imediatly, charge me for them, and then refund me when they recieved the wrong set back. However, they took a month and a half to two months to refund my my money. (Approx 400 dollars). Now, i am having the gears instlled, and am having an awful time to get them to fit corectly. First, they had the wrong size shims in the install kit, and now, I cant get they're gears to fit in the front. They fit in the rear, but bot as well as they should have... Just venting. Dont ever buy from them!

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    No but summit has jerked me on ever order and don’t even seem to care

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    but the build up is on the way
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    I have never dealt with this company- BUT I may know the answer to the 2 months to receive the credit--

    I worked for a large travel agency for quite some time, and during that time, if someone cancelled tickets, or had a refund or what ever it may be- the money was released by us on say the 15th of the month- it can and did take up to 2 COMPLETE billing cycles for the credit card company to credit the account- regardless of visa/mc/amex whatever- so technically it may not have been them that held the money, it could have been the CC company directly- that is if you paid by a credit card, which by your post I asume?

    hope this helps with one aspect


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