Anyone good at Laptop repair and diagnosing probelms?????? *updated*

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Emmettology 101, Jul 15, 2002.

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    I bought an HP N5270. Whenever I load an O/S everything works fine, but then after a little wjhile a few keys quit working.... The keys that stop working are: q, w, e, r, u, i, o, p and the up arrow.

    Like I said when I load it it works fine for a while and then after I have it off for a little while after the initial load-up and playing around...

    Anyone with ideas? A friend of mine that is great with desktops said to try and clean under those keys...

    The thing that stumps me is that they work fine and then they stop...

    <font color="blue"> </font color> I just started it up this morning and the keys are working now. So maybe this is a problem after it gets started and warms up..??..??
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    hmm... sounds to me like you might have a vacuum leak... have you tried to isolate any potential leaks, replaced the vacuum hoses, and adjusted the carbureator? next up, I'd try a compression test, and possibly a leakdown test....

    in seriousness tho, you could test the heat relation by leaving it on, and seeing if the keys stop working after a certain temperature is reached, or try keeping it cool, by running an auxiliry fan through some air vents, if it has them... the keyboard could have a loose connector, causing the keys to not work after a certain ammount of time (heat expansion causing the connector to loosten up) .... if your keyboard lifts out of the laptop, you might check and see if it has a connector you could tighten. if it has a keyboard input port on the back, you could see if an external keyboard has the same problem or not.


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