Anyone in the NW hunting next week?

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    Dec 13, 2000
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    Roy WA
    Anyone out here in the NW going hunting next week?
    Elk season starts Saturday, so I'll be out there until the 4th. I know at least one person lives out near where I hunt, thought maybe I'd run across someone that is on the board.
    Going to be out in the Easton area..
    Can't miss Frankentruck, even has the wrecking yard stock number still painted on the "new" white tailgate I picked up : )

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    Why insist on counting when the ring gear has the tooth counts stamped in?
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    Northeast Nevada
    I'm going deer hunting tomrrow. I'm loading up the K5 and taking out my brother in law to get his deer. I'm not going as far north as you. I'll be hunting in northern Nevada. I hope to post some good pics of a big muley.
    Good luck and have a safe trip.

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