anyone know about guardianship / powers of attorney

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    As they pertain to elderly family members?

    Friend of mine has an interesting situation..

    His wife's aunt is suffering from a sort of mental disorder..don't know the exact diagnosis, but this lady is in her 70's, her house was FILLED with garbage, and she tells everyone that she's "magnetic".. oh, and that trash bags are useful for tax deductions..

    Anyway, my friend takes his wife's aunt's car, and has my wife detail it, so it can be given to another family member because they didn't want auntie driving anymore.... mind you, this car was smoked in for seven years, and never vacuumed once.. it was as bad as her house..

    Today, the attending physician told my friends wife ( and her aunt who was in the room as well ) that auntie was "ok to start driving again". while she lives in an assisted living facility..

    so here's the issue.. my friends wife is the power of attorney for her aunt.. does she have the authority as power of attorney to get her driving clearance revoked? Or does she need to have guardianship to do that?

    the family realizes that the aunt shouldn't drive, but they are unsure as to their legal obligations and authority...

    any insight is appreciated.. personally, I could kill the doc for opening his hard is it to realize that if the woman can't live by herself, that driving should be out of the question??
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    wow, Mich i think you can petition the state to revoke someones license in that situation.i'm surethey will need documents of some sort.that doctor needs to be reported himself????

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