Anyone know about switching hubs?

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    Howdy, I have the rear 14 bolt FF conversion under control so far, but the front axle is causing some concern. I have a D44 front right now with 6 lugs. I want 8 lugs to match the back. I also have what I think is a 10 bolt front with the 8 lug hubs. Can I put the 8 lug hubs from the 10 bolt onto the D44? Are the knuckle parts interchangeable? Is it worth it to use the D44 over the 10 bolt? The 10 bolt can be installed with no problem but I'm worried about the strength when off-roading. I can't yet afford the D60.
    Thanks, JT
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    Really it almost about personal preference. If you have a complete 10 bolt with the 8 lug hubs just use that complete axle.

    There is not much of a strength difference between the 44 and th 10 bolt ot worry about... You will be fine with either since they both are about the same strength.

    But if you have to have that 44 under your k5, swapp everything from the knuckle out onto your 44 andyou will be ok!


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