Anyone know the email addy of Four Wheeler?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by txbartman, Nov 7, 2001.

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    I feel compelled to drfop them a note about their suspension comparison in the latest mag. I think it is completely ridiculous. I mean, c'mon. For those who may not have seen the article, they compare the stock IFS, a lifted IFS, and a lifted solid axle swap under a '01 (I think) suburban.

    Surprise, surprise. The lifted IFS performed better than the stock IFS off road (duh) but the solid axle swap performed the best. Okay. Well, the stock IFS comes with the vehicle. The lifted IFS they used was around $1950+installation. So, somewhere around $2500. The solid axle swap included a ton of various parts including a Dana 60 axle. The total for the parts alone was over $18,000. Add in installation and you are pushing $20K!

    Does that seem like a valid comparison to you? Stock suspension for $0, lifted IFS for $2500, or a axle swap for $20,000? I gotta write them and voice my disapproval of their comparison.

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    Re: Anyone know the email ay of Four Wheeler?dd

    I think they must have been getting overwhelmed with email and don't use it for correspondence with their customers any longer. I was trying to find an email address a couple of weeks ago to ask them what was up with their web site. But I coudln't find an address anywhere in the last magazine. used to work, but mail to that address bounces back now. [​IMG]

    I sent them a flame via that address a while back, about missing Christian Hazel's use of the word "yolk" instead of "yoke" (several times!) in a driveshaft story. It's one thing to find that sort of thing on a free-for-all web site. It's quite another to find it in a professional magazine that's supposedly edited by by college graduates. [​IMG] They rely entirely too much on computer spell checkers these days, so "yolk" wasn't caught by the computer. [​IMG]

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