anyone live in Tacoma?

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by jekbrown, Jul 23, 2006.

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    I'm trying to buy my wife a new car and since its an '06 and one of the more desirable models they are getting pretty hard to find. Anyway, I found a web site for a dealer called: Gilchrist Auto Center in Tacoma, its at 6015 Adams Street.

    Supposedly they have several of the model of car I want. Problem is, I don't trust a slimey azz used car salesman any further than I can throw them. Because of that, I can't just call them or use the net to get a price and expect the car/price to be there when I arrive (after driving 2.5 hours!). I have no problem road tripping up there, so long as I know for a fact that the cars I am looking for ARE there and in stock.

    Anyway, I'm not asking anyone to do any work here... just stop at a place if its on your way or something. Anyone in that area game?

    If so, drop me a PM. I'd appreciate it. If you needed any truck parts or anything road-tripped up there when I come, I'd bring 'em for ya in exchange for the favor. :thumb:

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    not to just try to get people over there but check on krazyk5 there are a bunch of guys over there from tacoma.

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