Anyone need a cheap plow setup??

Discussion in 'New England Region' started by diesel4me, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Jul 24, 2003
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    I have an 8' Fisher plow setup off my 74 K20--blade,power angle,decent HD cutting edge from a 10' plow!--real heavy "A" frame and blade,with 25" spread between the pins..also have the push frame,pump,hoses,headgear,cables (2 cables,NOT a "joystick" setup)--..everything you need to go plowing, except the pump to engine mounting bracket and its drive pulley --I have the drive pulley that was on my 400 SB,but its so rotted it looks like a circular saw blade,so you should probably get another one,or use a different pulley to drive the pump off your engine..

    I want 400 bucks CASH for everything!..need to get it out of my yard..8" of snow coming in a few days,and I'll have to move it--its sitting right where the snow needs to be plowed!..I have another truck with a plow,dont really need this setup..need CASH a lot more! :frown1: Hurry,once its moved and plowed in,it will be hard to get out again!....

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