Anyone running a spool or Lincoln Locker in their daily driver?

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    I know tRUSTy was earlier this year. I'm moving back to Michigan soon, and that means mud and lots of it. So I'm thinking the Gov-Lok has to go before to long. It's always been mediocre at best anyways. I'm thinking one of 2 things for my 30 spline 10 bolt. Detroit Locker or a spool (mini or full). I have talked to people with a Detroit who really hate them, and also to people with them that don't seem to mind them. A spool appeals to me because they are $120 for the mini and $220 for the full spool, as opposed to $550 for the Detroit C-Locker![​IMG] From how I understand the Detroit works, it seems to me that a spool would have all of the same advantages, and many of the disadvantages, but not all. No harsh unlocking and locking. I don't care about the banging and all, I just don't want it to jerk into another lane unexpectedly with my 5'3" fiance/wife driving it.[​IMG]

    My main concerns are what does a spool/Lincoln handle like in one of our big trucks in inclimate weather? Michigan means snow and ice in the winter and rain frequently during the rest of the year. I'm a good driver and have been driving this Blazer and other Blazers and large trucks for 10 years now, I just want to make sure this won't make it totally undriveable or anything.

    Tire wear doesn't bother me much either. Anything helpful is appreciated.

    1992 Blazer Sport, 350/4L60, Flowmaster, K&N, MSD stuff, 2" Rancho[​IMG], 285/75R16 AT's[​IMG]
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    I've had a welded rear diff (14 FF) in my '90 K5 for about 5 months now. It's far from a daily driver but it still hits the pavement to get to the trails, which are a 200 mile round trip minimum from my home. Out on the road you really cannot notice it at all (freeway, local highways, etc..), though we haven't had any bad weather yet. The only time it is noticable is during low speed, sharp in a parking lot or making a sharp turn from a stop in town........and all it really does is chirp the tires some. You might get a slight jerk if you hit a patch of gravel when making a turn from a stop or have to pull out of a parking lot with a sloped concrete entrance, but I really think it's a very minor jerk and nothing that should cause any problems. With all of that said, would I do this to my daily driver.......well, I really don't know............

    Concerning your options with the Gov-Lock, I don't believe a mini-spool will work without already having an open diff (or swapping one in). Plus, I don't know how well a Gov-Lock (or an open diff since it it a 10-bolt) would hold up if you tried to weld it. Since I would recommend a full-case locker or posi to strengthen the 10-bolt anyways, I would suggest either the full spool or the Detroit.
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    I've put over 13,000 street miles on my welded 14 bolt.
    Things i still notice but am used to: pronounced understeer in sweeping corners like freeway onramps or cloverleafs. No big deal but with a 4 speed if i let of the gas and get some compression braking on wet pavement the rear will wiggle a bit. If driven like a detroit equipped truck and with an automatic the effects would be much less noticeable.

    The obvious chirping in a parking lot is always there. As for wet pavement I feel that traction is actually better. Acceleration wise its very hard to break the tires loose unless you are doing it on purpose, whereas when it was open any right turn resulted in tire spin on wet pavement.

    I've driven it in the snow on a limited basis, one days worth before it melted and one trail ride (over 2 feet of wet snow)
    On the snowy slick roads I just took it easy and it was still prety predictable, this was in 2wd. On the trail in the deep stuff it did real well until a steep off camber section ruined my day. I ended up stuffed into a rock wall on the inside of the corner with 2 wheels in a small ditch. I'm not so sure I should blame the lincoln was very icy and everyone was having problems there.

    Would i recommend welding or a spool to anyone for their daily driver? No, I can't really. Its a decision you'll have to make based on what you hear, and what you feel you can put up with. The quirks I can live with, the traction I gained I can't live without...[​IMG]


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    just welded up my front 10. gonna weld the rear 14 also. its not a daily driver although my friend has a mini spool in his rear 10 in the daily driver. Was wheeling w/ us and snapped the axle shaft right off at the carrier. wasn't even a difficult trail, but it split anyway. i welded my front cause im trying to save some $$ for the 60 and didn't want to put anymore $$ into the 10, so I figured this was the cheapest way. ive also got spare R&amp;P and carrier just in case, and gonna get some shafts.
    here are some pics of the welded 10, it's real ugly but it'll work
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