Anyone running Trickflow Twisted Wedge heads and copper head gaskets?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Emmettology 101, Dec 3, 2002.

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    I have a set on top of my 383. Supposedly they have been shaved .008". I am having problems with pinging(yes I have posted about this before)...

    I called NGK to see if they coudl recommend a plug that will help reduce the pinging so I can run as little of race fuel mixed with 93/94 as possible. THey had no problem with that and quickly suggested plug 2756. Well after I pulled the FR5's out of the engine and put in these new 2756's(I can get the large part number if someone needs it) I cant get it to stop pinging! I have the timing set a little lower than before and it sting pings! On the old plugs, I could run 93/94 with some NOS offroad octane booster with no pinging. No, with the same mixture, it pings.

    THink it is just because the old plugs were needing changed out or did NGK recommend the wrong plug?

    If you are running these heads, what plugs are you running?I will be calling NGK in a little while to see what they say...

    Trick Flow doesn't list the G2 head on their site anymore so I am not sure what they recommend, but my frined did say that the instructions said use the FR5. Some of the SBC heads listed on their site recommend the FR5 as a starting point......

    I will be swapping ot EFI soon, so maybe I will just get some thicker copper head gaskets and see if I can get them to seal. Anyone know any tricks on getitng them to seal? They originally used them on this engine, but they leaked.

    Thanks for looking and putting up with my rambling...

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