Anyone somewhat close to Seattle/Renton with a driveshaft for sale?

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by dyeager535, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Just got the 14SF and 1 ton 205 in the truck.

    No driveshaft, need one or parts to make one, which for me would be one more 1350 driveshaft yoke, and the slip section. Quoted about $150 locally to make a shaft if I walk in with the parts, $100 to have one cut down/rebalanced, or $300+ to have one made all new.

    Hoping someone near me has one or pieces that I can use that is taking up their space. :)

    Really cut down the driveshaft length with this combo... tranny/t-case overall length is 3" more now with the 32 spline 465-205 setup, and the 14SF is about (real rough measurement here) 1.5" "longer" at the pinion than the 8.5". so approximately 4.5" less driveshaft length, just as an FYI.


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