Anyone use the High-Tec retreaded tires?

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    So I called out of curiousity, and the cost to my door for a set of four of their 33x12.5R15 MT's is $320. Which is just about half what I can expect to pay for any other MT. I figure with having them mounted and some bargain basement rim shopping, I can have them mounted and balanced on some 15x8's for less than $500. I know some of you are going, ick, retreads, but before you say that or start posting about all the carcasses on the highway, take a peek at their website:
    Green Diamond</font color=green>" things that are supposed to increase winter and overall traction on the tires. Go to <a target="_blank" href=> to look at it. What do you think of it? The owner told me $15 a tire extra to have the Green Diamonds in the tread. They can do it for any size, any tread of their tires. Worth the extra $15 per tire, or a bunch of hoey?[​IMG]

    So has anyone used these things? If so, what did you think? Have any problems with them? How long did they last? How'd they do on and off road?

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    check out my reply on your other post (dunlop muds)

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