Anyone using 6" Tuff Country springs?

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    Anyone using 6\" Tuff Country springs?

    I want to get new springs. I now have 4" springs in the front and a shackle flip in the rear. I was thinking about Tuff Country 6" EZ ride or skyjacker 8" softride. I was then going to get new springs for the back or maybe put my old blocks or add a leaf back in for now (I'm broke). If i go with the 6" what springs should i get for the rear? It does sit lower in the back now. I was going to put the add a leaf in but I'm looking for a softer ride. I'll probably go Tuff Country because I've heard they have a softer ride and I cant find the skyjacker front springs sold seperately.

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    Re: Anyone using 6\" Tuff Country springs?

    I have the tuff country 6" lift and a shackle flip in the rear which calls for a 2" spring. I have people that ride with me tell me my truck rides really nice for a big truck with that much lift. I also keep my RS9000 set at level 1 (softest). For a blazer with teh saggy butt you can get the ORD 1" block i belive, to level you out.

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