Arc Welding. . . a few ?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BowtieRed, Sep 14, 2003.

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    I'm about to head over to a friends and mess around with his welder. It's an arc welder and i've been shown how to use one, and guided through it- but it's been a good year. There's a professional welder there- but i'd rather not look like a total ass and ask how to do everything, can i just get a briefing again on it- even if my welds look like ass atleast they'll be there. . .
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    I'm nowhere near an expert, but the main thing for nice welds and welding is being steady and having clean surface.

    Personally I tilt it a bit the way the bead's going a bit, strike it, hold it, and wait till the puddle solidifies about a rod's width behind the rod itself then I try and keep the whole thing steady and push back a bit in a rythim that piles the weld onto itself, and then get moving down the are I'm welding. I've got some decent welds this way

    My arc has fallen into disuse though, my Mig is kicking its ass with flux core, no more chaninging rods

    Uhhhh hope I didnt just show myself to be a total welding numbnut /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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    My dad is a perfessional welder and he taught me how to weld when I was a little kid. Years later I am a very good welder and the hardest thing first starting out is starting an arc. If you dont have enough power than it will stick on you and the more the rod sticks the harder it is for it to arc again. For a beginer:If you are welding on thick steel I would go with a lot of power so that way it doesn't want to stick on you, if it splatters a lot turn it down a few amps. To strike an ark try the "Scratch method" which is scratch the rod across the steel and lift about 3/16" or so from it to strike an arc, move slow in circular or back and fourth rotations making a good puddle before you move on. Experienced welders use the tap method which is to slightly tap the suface and strike an arc, beginers have a hard time with this method because if not done right it justs sticks.
    Have fun with it, I really enjoy welding.
    MOST IMPORTANT: wear a good helmet because arc flash is a terrible and painfull thing.

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