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ARRGGHH....Water leaks feeding the birth of rust...Arrgghhh


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Sep 18, 2002
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Napa, CA
Well I already had to pull my rear carpet(new) out due to a leaking seal(roof rack). I got the old wire/drill combo out and cleaned up the rear floor. Not really any rust, just precaution. I prep'd and applied a thick coat of Por 15. That solves the rear problem.

NOW, i was fixing my windo crank(popped off) and just for kicks lifted the front passenger floor carpet up....GEEEZ,
SOAKING WET UNDER THERE. I know its not the heater core because that is new and there is not that coolant "smell".
I believe what I have here is a leak from cab area. The rainy season here in Nor Cal gave plenty of opportunity to find all these leaks.

I remember a post sometime back about some "stuff" you pour into the seams of the front windshield and other places to seal it up.

Where else could this leak be coming from? By the way, the floor had been sanded down, prep'd with rust neutralizer and then Por 15'd last spring. Little good that did because there is rust appearing in little high points on floor.. /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif
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