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Discussion in 'Land Use' started by blazen91, Mar 28, 2001.

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    Sep 10, 2000
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    Dear Fellow Duner,

    Your help is needed to keep our dunes open.
    Please see
    Protect the land FOR the people
    Not FROM the people
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    I wish I was out there to help.

    Is there anything out of the area people can do??

    Good luck [​IMG] !!

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    Sep 10, 2000
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    Hesperia, Ca 92345
    This is a recent e-mail I got asking for help. I see no reason why some of these couldn't be done from any where. Or you can contact the ASA.

    Oh, now, Mike... you know what they say about "all work and no play"...

    Thanks for answering the cry for help. Here is a list of things that
    the ASA needs volunteers for, in no particular order of importance.
    Easter weekend project is a short term project but very worthwhile.
    only will it be a great time at the dunes, but it will go a long way in
    shining up our tarnished image.

    Info Distribution Committee (ASA Newsletter) Help write articles,
    research “fact
    versus myth” column, locate pictures for newsletter

    Public Relations Committee/Just Plain Fun (Easter At The Dunes) Charity
    egg hunt,
    duner party -- Mostly phone calls at first, getting sponsors for
    cupcakes, plastic
    eggs, other supplies. Egg hunt set up Saturday/Sunday, marking eggs,
    hiding eggs,
    greeting visitors, much more.

    Info Distribution/Fund Raising Committees (Distribute flyers, flags,
    etc. to
    OHV-related businesses) -- Personally visit local OHV-related business
    to keep
    them stocked with flyers and ASA merchandise

    Dunes Oversight Committee – Several projects involved… ride the
    boundaries each
    Glamis trip to repair signage, carry a Duners Survival Kit on trips

    Info Distribution Committee -- Locate dune information meeting sponsors
    OHV-related business outside of Glamis area to recruit sponsors for

    information meetings. Contact any local business near to Glamis for
    same reason.

    Advertising Committee (Signage on 78) -- ASA signs need to be placed
    along the
    roadside. Someone has to research what that takes (who owns the land,
    what are
    the local regulations, etc.)

    Advertising Committee (Sign at storage yard at 78/Butters Rd) -- The
    owner of this
    business has offered to allow us to place a sign at his business.
    Someone has to
    follow up on this offer.

    Info Distribution Committee (Build/procure flyer holders for

    businesses) -- We need something convenient for the business owners to
    hold our
    flyers and membership forms.

    Membership Committee (Local Chapters) -- Distribute/promote Local ASA
    Chapter concept, locating Chapter Leaders

    Dune Oversight Committee – Clean up Organize mini cleanups

    Info Distribution Committee (Glamis and south dunes) -- Make sure
    Sweet Marie’s, Boardmanville, locat gas stops have latest flyers

    Public Relations/Fund Raising Committees (Local TV promotion) --
    TV stations to advertise ASA fight and raffle

    Biological Consultation Committee (Buggy transportation) --
    Transportation is
    needed out in the dunes for our biological consultants

    Volunteer Committee (Organization) -- Assist Vicki in organization of
    volunteer staff

    Membership Committee -- Data entry of all new membership applications;
    calls to current members to verify information

    Dune Oversight Committee (Removal of wrecks) -- Those burned and broken
    wrecks of trucks and cars have to come out.

    Info Distribution Committee -- Stand at the entrance during busy times
    to hand out
    ASA/dune information

    Advertising Committee (Billboards) -- Find out how much billboard
    space costs on the major freeways/highways to Glamis and south dunes

    Info Distribution Committee (Meeting presentations) -- Find out what is
    needed for a PowerPoint presentations… hardware and softwareFind out
    what is needed to show a short video at the dune information meetings

    Fund Raising Committee (Monthly payments) -- Find out about automatic
    deductions from checking/savings accounts; Find out about automatic
    monthly credit
    card payments

    Public Relations Committee (Flag distribution) -- Distribute checkered
    flags to
    surrounding campsites while you’re at the dunes

    Info Distribution Committee (Flyers) -- Distribute latest flyers to
    campsites while you’re at the dunes

    I know it’s quite a list, but so many of the tasks kind of meld with
    others that it’s not
    as bad as it looks. Look over the list and see what you’d like to help
    with. Some of
    the projects may not seem very exciting, but sometimes those are the
    most needed!
    And don’t worry… wherever you choose to be in the ASA, you’ll never be
    loose just to go it alone (at least not until you’re ready).

    Keep in mind that you can give as much time as you’d like… 20 minutes
    2 hours,
    it’s all up to you. And, also keep in mind that if you decide to take
    on a task,
    nothing is in stone so if it doesn’t work out, you can always do
    something else. The
    great thing about getting involved in the this battle right now is the
    sky’s the limit…
    you decide how much to give and where you want to be in the ASA.

    Thanks again, Mike for joining the fight.


    P.S. Good luck with your new business!

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    Protect the land FOR the people
    Not FROM the people

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