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    Apr 2, 2000
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    Well, I finally got the Atlass in and got to wheel it pretty hard. The big question: Do I like it? Was it worth it? How does it work?
    Well,I love it. It worked awsome. I went to Disney Ok. and put it through its paces. I was in and out of the front lo and nuetral quite often because of the Detroit and the lavk of turning, and it performed flawlessly. I think I suprised quite a few people. Mine wasn't the fanciest or "trickest" rig there but , with the exception of splitting the front drive line once, I had no problems. As a matter of fact I became the truck that tried anything. I went the whole weekend with out a strap or winch. We hit some extreme waterfalls and other awesome obstacles. Disney was a good time I think if any of you have the chance you should check it out.
    We were there for the Offroad Exposer event but didnt really run on any organized runs. We met up withsome freinds from Missouri, J&D Offroad, and they showed us an excellent time. There were a number of fullsize rigs present. Any way , see ya guys later. NASHU aka DBlazer

    89 w/DANA 60-Corp 14 w/5:13s n Detroit's. 4"lift 2" body. NEW AtlassII being installed

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