ATTEN:'s msd question...

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    ATTEN:\'s msd question...

    Not sure if he is on here, guessing not.....LOL
    heres the info from the <a target="_blank" href=>msd site</a>
    on the 8366 dist.

    <hr></blockquote>Pro-Billet Late Model GM V8 Distributor, PN 8366

    Strong billet aluminum replacement for late model GM V8s.
    Sealed ball bearing and extra long sintered bushing guide a .500" shaft.
    Supplied with cap, rotor and factory style ignition module.
    GM late model performance enthusiasts will be happy to see this new Pro-Billet Distributor. The distributor, PN 8366, is a drop-in replacement for GM V8's using the small cap distributor with a dual connector coil found on engines in cars from 1987 - 1993 and trucks from 1987 - 1995. There are plenty of advantages to the MSD Pro-Billet Distributor. The entire housing is CNC machined to exact tolerances for incredible strength not to mention cool looks. At the bottom of the housing there is an extra lube tract that delivers oil directly to the cam and distributor gears.
    Inside, an oversized steel shaft receives guidance from a sealed ball bearing and extra long sintered bushing for stability and incredible endurance. The shaft also receives a QPQ coating for friction reduction and corrosion resistance. The distributor comes complete with a factory style ignition module so your stock wiring plugs directly in. Topping it all off is a heavy duty rotor and an MSD Red cap with brass terminals to ensure full spark delivery. For late model engine swaps or bolt-on strength, this distributor is the answer. Late Model GM V8 Distributor, PN 8366
    NOTE: This is an OEM replacement distributor and is legal to install in all states.
    Pro-Billet Late Model GM V8 Distributor PN 8366


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