"Attentrion Mechanics" idle problem

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    \"Attentrion Mechanics\" idle problem

    Ok, Hears the deal, I recently installed all new cap, rotor, wires, plugs and carborator. Got the truck fine tuned and runnig better than it ever has since i've owned the truck. I took it to vacation in myrtle beach, about 9 hours for me. I took it nearly straight through except for a brake for luch and the ocasional bathroom brake there, and the thruck was amazing. It stayed cool the whole time, had power, and ran as smooth as could be. About half way back, somehow, the idele got bumped way up. When I shut it off i had a huge back fire. I tried to fool with the timing a little advancing and devancing (is that a word) and that didnt help, I checked all vacum lines and electrical plugs... everything was fine. My question is, is it just my idle, do I need to bring it down some? How do I do that which screws is it, Do I need to turn them in or out... Help plaese. Thanks
    It is an 86 with Rochester Quadrajet and electric choke.

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