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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Can Can, Dec 4, 2004.

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    The Lounge is intended to be used to discuss all non-truck related topics. Almost anything goes, but racist comments, sexual content(use the Pig Pen, please), and overt personal attacks will get you in trouble every time. Basically, use a little common sense before typing out a reply that you know might get under someone's skin. Some topics bring out the worst in some of us- if you don't think you can discuss any given topic in a civilized manner, please bow out of the discussion. If you choose to ignore the above guidleines, your post may be deleted, locked and/or forwarded to the Admin section for Steve to peruse.

    Anyone wishing to publicly solicit funds for ANY cause needs to get ahold of myself, Rene, or Steve Fox and get the official okay before going ahead with it. This is not the United Way.....

    If any of you have a problem with the way this board is moderated, feel free to contact the Mod in question by PM and get things straightened out. It's almost impossible for us to make a decision that will please every single member- realize that any actions we take(deleting, editing, etc...) are for the benefit of the CK5 membership as a whole.

    Let's keep it fun, brothers!!!!! :thumb:
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