Attn: GrimReaper, got a 203 ?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mofugly13, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Grim, hope you can help me. I think my 203's chain is jumping a tooth. I read in a recent post you made that if you point your truck uphill and romp on the gas, if you hear a bang, then the chain is jumping a tooth. Well, the D44 I took out in favor of a D60 was missing the ring gear, that how I got it. So I was never able to get in 4wd. Aftewr swapping in the 60, and a part time kit, I was stoked to finally have 4wd. So, I drove to my hunting cabin, as soon as I hit the dirt road, I put it into 4H. The first mile is a slight downhill grade, so I mostly coastd it, but then I got to a little uphill grade, as soon as there was any load on the t-csae, I started hearing it bang,bang,bang. I put it back in 2wd. The next day, I got on a pretty flat dirt road, 4wd, same thing, banging, even though there was little load on it. So, I hoped you would know. I realize it's near impossible to diagnose a strang noise over the internet, but would my chain jump teeth under only slight load if the chain was stretched too long?

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