ATTN: San Diego Junkyard Crawlers!

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    For those of you in San Diego who are familiar with the Otay Mesa Ecology Auto Wrecking but most importantly the 'Pick You Part' that sits behind them, I found a few 14bFF axles for $160 drum-to-drum in good condition (the one I pulled had 4.11's in it) and at the far back side of the Chevy truck section, there is one more truck with a hydro-booster for $15 on a 73 to 78 1ton totaly complete, accessories are extra (I grabbed the other one). Hurry before they are gone! I'm headed out to install all the hydrobooster and pull the axle apart for a rebuild. Sorry, no front end Dana60's though... just a bunch of Dana44's with warn lockouts.

    What, Me Worry?
    <a target="_blank" href=> The 'BEFORE' pictures</a>

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