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Discussion in 'Audio' started by rem7600, Apr 28, 2000.

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    If I said I could 'hear' my power door locks
    does that make my post audio related? :-)

    I am hoping one of you "less electrically
    challenged" folks might be able to shed a little
    insight on a situation I'm having.

    I'm trying to hook up the power door locks to the
    Avital Security system in my '89 Jimmy. I have
    found all of the wires necessary. The issue is
    that the avital unit only puts out about 6V
    when the unit is "pressed". I understand that
    I need a relay but the guy at the radio shop
    went into a dog and pony show about how it could
    be this or could be that or 10 zillion other
    things. Bottom line, I think he was trying to
    have me bring it in so he could make a quick $50
    by crimping in a $7 relay.

    Heres the gory...

    Avital - LCK wire - 6 (i think) when "worked"
    Avital - ULCK wire - 6 (i think) when "worked"
    GM - Baby Blue Wire - Lock 12 V when "worked"
    GM - Black&White Wire - UnLock 12 V when "worked"

    I am also posting this to the Main K5 section
    for maximum exposureunder the heading "Electrical
    in Nature..."

    Many thanx for any insight you might provide, I
    figured you guys who do the stereos probably see
    this stuff too... Sorry for being a bit "off-topic".
    But really, I can hear the power door locks when
    I work them! :-)

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