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    I had all new brakes put on, new calipers, rotors, etc. I never checked before but I can only spin my front driveshaft one turn then it stops. My question is could they have messed up my auto hubs when they took them apart to do the brakes. From what I have read on previous posts you should be able to spin the front driveshaft when it is not in 4x4. When I put it in 4x4 I can't spin it at all which should be normal. What can I check to see if the hubs are the issue, and yes I will be putting manual ones in but it could be a little while before I do it.

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    Jack up the front end and try spinning one wheel and see if the axleshaft spins. If the axleshaft spins try holding it with a screw driver and then try spinning the tire again. You may just have a stuck hub or they could have put them back together wrong or broke them.

    Both wheels should turn freely without spinning an axleshaft when the Blazer is in 2wd.

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